“War, Who Is It Good For?”- Du Maurier and Her Use of World War II in “The Birds”

“War, Who Is It Good For?”- Du Maurier and Her Use of World War II in “The Birds”- is an exhibition that is dedicated to Du Maurier's short story of "The Birds". This story takes place in England, in which Nat runs a farm and lives with his family. Everything seems peaceful within their lives until massive herds of birds start showing up in the country, killing humans and committing violent acts against innocent people. Du Maurier's story of angry birds helps serve as a bigger political message of how enemies would invade countries during World War II and destroy civilization in order to win a bloody conflict. She also uses her writing to show the environmental destruction that takes place because of the consequences of war, and how nature is destroyed because of the bombings and air raids that would take place in the natural world. This archive will make the case that “The Birds” shows the consequences that happen after the war, specifically in how they destroy the relaxing everyday lives of ordinary people, and even more, how these battles rip apart the once beautiful gift of nature that was gifted to human beings.


Elizabeth Montoni