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More Hybrid Learning / Unfinished learning Due to COIVD - 19 Pandemic

Hello Listener! Here at my Omkea site we will be disscussing the effects Covid-19 has had on learning all over the world! 

I invite you to follow along with my artifacts whilste listening to my brief Podcast! Click the link on the next page 

Silent Swipe, Stolen Goods: The Shadow of Self-Service Theft

Why has shoplifting been normalized in American culture?

After the Second Amendment: The Past and Future of Gun Culture

Welcome to my Omeka Site! This site accompanies my podcast entitled "After the Second Amendment". Click this link to listen to the podcast in another tab while following along in this exhibit, or play the podcast file on the screen. 

Reading Levels are Below Grade Level in Elementary Schools Due to The COVID-19 Pandemic.

As you browse through this exhibit, you will find my podcast that you can listen to where I talk about reading levels being below grade level in elementary schools due to The COVID-19 pandemic. In the exhibit, you will also come across items that I mention in my podcast such as graphs and a YouTube video you can watch! 

Debunk This! Official Website

Hello and welcome to the official website for the hit podcast Debunk This! Every week this website is updated with the newest episode of the podcast attatched to it with all the sources and facts we used to back up our claims, so follow along as we talk! We all know that giving gredit is in and plagerizing is out!

This weeks episode is all about marriage and the societal changes about this sacrement. As time has progressed less people are getting married and marriage rates have declined. We have two special geusts this week, my roommate and my mother as they talk about the changing pressures they feel about getting married and being single. 

As always, thank you for tuning in and any psychological topics you would be interested in seeing be debunked email :debunkthis! 

Cultural Changes with Caroline

Welcome to my exhibit and podcast "Cultural Changes with Caroline"

On this podcast, each week I discuss new changes we see within the United States, and those we expect to see in the upcoming years. 

Stay tuned for new topics every Friday!!


Welcome! This Omeka site accompanies my podcast called "Mind Over Mirror", which focuses on social media and its impact on body image, as social comparison through media impacts this.

My podcast will aim to expose the negative downsides of social media, and how social media users are being affected by its unrealistic views on body image, daily. I hope to expose the tricks and secrets that social media influencers utilize in efforts to contribute to the unfeasible expectations of one's body image. Social comparison is the root of the problem within social media body images, as these parallels may cause emotions of inadequacy, which in turn may cause harmful "resolutions". Some of the most common “resolutions” consist of intermediate fasting, excessive exercising, obsessive body weighing, and the unfortunate result of body dysmorphia. My podcast will shed light on the social media and body image dilemma.     

After listening to the introduction within my podcast, feel free to click to the next page to follow along!