Welcome: An Introduction to My Podcast and My Ecological Change

In this section you will be introduced to the audio file of my podcast, as well as two artifacts that correspond to the ecological change that occured, leading to the first Donald Trump Presidency. 

Here is the audio file for my podcast that will acompany the Omeka Exhibit. Press play on the right, or open this link in a new tab, whenever you're ready to follow along. Thank you!

In this first figure from a study done in 2016, based on information from 2008-2016, we see the exact increased levels of racism mentioned (Sides et. al., 2018, p. 171). Negative views of immigration, illegal immigrants and Muslims increased from 2012 and 2008 to 2016, amongst whites. Views on racial inequality were increasingly attributed to lack of effort instead of discrimination amongst whites as well. Whites also believed that they faced increased levels of discrimination in comparison to prior years.

This next figure from the same book shows us that white identity is strong and well during 2016. These statistics are taken from Trump supporters (Sides et. al., 2018, p. 89). It shows that white identity and support for Trump clearly go hand in hand. Trump supporters are statistically very worried that they won’t be able to find jobs because of minorities taking them. Trump Supporters also have a strong white identity.