Welcome: Intro to Cory's Podcast

This Omeka site accompanies my podcast entitled "How Increased Industrialism Contributes to the Rise and Fall of Individualism and Collectivism in a Culture." Click this link to listen to the podcast in another tab while following along in this exhibit, or play the podcast file (on the left).

Artifact #1: reveals a significant surge in individualism over the past 150 years, evidenced by the prevalence of individualistic words in books and the increasing trend in unique names given to babies during this period.

This podcast aims to forecast the impact of cultural changes related to Resource Abundance/Scarcity on the rise or decline of individualism and collectivism, particularly in response to a culture's access or exposure to industrialization. Utilizing concepts from cultural psychology, I will present evidence supporting the prediction that:

  • Heightened modernization will lead to increased individualism within a culture.