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Technology, Social Media, & Gen Z

This page highlights the statistics and overall background of this argument and how social media and technology have transformed our everyday lives in the United States up until this year. The artifacts you will see on this page center around real percentages of Gen Z in the United States from as recent as 2023 studies and researched facts about the influence of technology.

“In this new world, we use different technologies to seek and provide resources and information, express ourselves, communicate with others, create, consume, and play, often assuming new and multiple identities. The scope of the digital world is comparable to that of the physical world; from online gaming and online dating to e-learning and e-business”.

"About 86% of surveyed young Americans, ages 13-38, said that they are willing to try out influencing on their social media platforms; 12% of young people said they already considered themselves an influencer".

"In 2022, 3% of the total US population can be considered an influencer, up from 2.% in 2020. Although these percentages may seem small, the total "influencer density" – or the percentage of influencers in the population of the United States – is almost twice that of Europe (1.6%)".