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All The Single Ladies... And Men

Artifact 1: As people are remaining single, they are starting to not love the idea of marriage. This is mostly prevalent with people who have been divorced, but this also impacts children of divorce. People who have been through a divorce think that being single is better than getting married and that gets passed along to children. This supports the idea of  an ‘independent self', which is when people act based on  their feelings, thoughts and emotions and not perform actions influenced by other people's thoughts, feelings and emotions.

Artifact 2: This quote supports what my mother and Franki have said during their interviews. They both have said that people are more in touch with being single and that correlates with this quote. This describes how studies have shown that people are now finding less of a rush to marry because they enjoy the single lifestyle. Being single in older ages has become more common as years progress

Artifact 3:This quote also goes along with the responses I have collected from the interviews. The authors explain that family members are now pressuring their children less and less. Mothers have recognized that with these changing times, marriage is not as huge as a deal as it used to be in prior generations. This quote supports what Franki has said in her interview because she said she feels little pressure from her family to get married and rush into a relationship. This "debunks" the hypothesis that family pressures are becoming less of a reason to get married.

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All The Single Ladies... And Men