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Influences and Stats

What are these influences of this sudden shift? Keep reading and listening and you will figure it out!

People are becoming more independent, which has been a reason for the decrease in marriage rates and intimate relationships. These days people are more focused on themselves, they are interested in pursuing their goals before they think about getting hitched. This is proved in this quote because Amato says people are focused on their own freedom, which can be deprived when married. This also supports what my interviewees have said about how Gen Z is not in a rush to marry because they want to be successful on their own first

Paul Amato is describing how there has always been a negative stigma surrounding the topic of divorce. People stay together just because they are embarrassed to get a divorce, even when the marriage is clearly not working. This corresponds with how my mom said when she was growing up, there was such a negative stigma surrounding divorce. People were scared to see how the public would react, so they stayed unhappy. This backs up and supports that claim that there was a negative connotation with divorce.

This is showing how the marriage rate has consistently gone down in the past few decades. You see the way that the graph is constantly decreasing as the years pass. This proves the hypothesis that marriage is becoming less of a priority for newer generations.

That's all for this week, thank you to everyone who followed along on this special episode, like always, see you next week for another episode of Debunk This!