Individualism & It's Effect on Parenting and Family Dynamics

Artifact #2 - Ecological Pressures and Evoked Responses 

This table shows that a rise in individualism is due to an increased access to an abundance of goods across society. This means that due to easier and quicker access to good things, people have become less co-dependent and more self-reliant. Overtime, this instills a pattern of individualistic mentality across larger society, manifesting itself in a change in cultural norms (i.e. no longer following traditional collectivistic norms like marriage).

Artifact #3: Marriage Statistics Across US (1900-2018)

This graph shows the decrease in numbers of marriages in women across the United States. This is one of the many societal responses to increased levels of individualism, as individualism values self-reliance and has a straying away from collectivistic traditions. These statistics are predominantly common in minority groups. 

Artifact #4 - Nonmarital Share of Pregnancies, by Race, Women Ages 15-44

This graph provides an accurate statistical account for the percentage of nonmarital births of women from ages 15-44 across the United States and across different races. The statistical analysis incorporates data from 1952 - 2007. This graph shows that pregnancies out of marriage, have been increasing over the years and have been most common in minority groups. Given that there has been a decrease in marriage levels, especially in minority groups, these statistics make sense. I chose to present these statistics, because further research suggest that increased pregnancies out of marriages correlate to increase levels of undesired pregnancies, causing unfavorable behavior like childhood abandonment and child maltreatment.