INTRODUCTION: Welcome to Josephine's Podcast

Podcast Title: The Rise of Absent Parenting; How Abundance of Goods Will Lead to an Increase in Absent Parenting and Unhealthy Child Development

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In this podcast, we will talk about how an environmental factor has led to a cultural change, and how the cultural change will manifest itself in the next 5-10 years. My podcast will focus on how the increase in abundance of goods has caused increased levels of absent parents for children. Absent parenting has been affecting child development and emotional growth, negatively impacting future generations of children and parents.

I predict that in 5-10 years, having an absent parent will be more normalized, and children will face more susceptibility to psychological problems and developmental delays.

Artifact #1 - Important Definitions Relevant to Culture 

The information in this artifact will provide foundational definitions, key in understanding terms that I will be referring to throughout the Podcast.

INTRODUCTION: Josephine's Podcast